Keith Olbermann Just Did it, Said What NOBODY Dared To Say – Trump Is LIVID [DETAILS]


Veteran political commentator and journalist Keith Olbermann aired two installments of “The Resistance,” and they work very well together as tragic bookends to the same Trumpian stupidity and corruption.

On Monday’s installment, Olbermann began,

And now we know exactly what Trump meant by “Make America great again.” Make it great for the racists, the white supremacists, the neo-Nazis. Make it great for the anti-Semites. Make it great for those entrusted to enforce the law who break the law and persecute Hispanics.

Referring to Trump’s pardon of openly racist ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio, Olbermann argued that the president is only “making America great” for bigots, for people like himself. The sort of person who wants to build a wall to “keep Mexicans out” while Houston, a city whose population is nearly a third Latino, drowns:

“Make America great again,” he said, which means, “Make America white again.”


In Tuesday’s installment, Olbermann says Trump’s trip to inspect the damage from Hurricane Harvey was nothing more than a self-serving exercise for a president who is reeling in the polls:

Trump’s self-serving, wasteful, exploitational, resource-draining ill-conceived plan to travel to Texas in the middle of the nightmare there was beneath contempt. But the tone-deafness, the disconnectedness, the cruelty, the inhumanity of Trump’s response to the situation in Houston and the entire area did not begin with this.

After Olbermann described the tragedy on the ground, he turned back to Trump:

It has become mind-numbingly clear that the man occupying the office of president of the United States has no human empathy to give, no understanding of tragedy, no concern for the lives of anybody in the nation except those he knows personally.