Hillary Just Told Trump What He SHOULD Be Doing Instead Of Attacking Athletes On Twitter


Lost in the media hubbub surrounding President Trump’s feud with black players in the National Football League is the crisis in the United States’ territory of Puerto Rico, where millions of people are without electricity as they try to deal with “apocalyptic” flooding left by Hurricane Maria.

But the President doesn’t seem to care that millions of American citizens are suffering because he’s too busy tweeting about how players in the National Football League are disrespecting our troops and our flag when they kneel in protest of the police brutality that Donald Trump himself encourages in our law enforcement agencies.

Hillary Clinton took to Twitter this morning and demanded that the President of the United States do his damn job for once and do something to help alleviate the suffering of Puerto Rico.

When Texas and Florida were hit with hurricanes, passing a relief bill was the biggest priority in Washington. But when the same plight afflicts a largely Hispanic population of non-voters, there isn’t even any acknowledgment from our pathetic President.

Clinton’s tweet is a sharp reminder of how a real president should behave, and a painful reminder of how much better off we’d be if she had managed to win the 2016 election.

Source: https://www.foreverdemocrat.com/hillary-just-told-trump-instead-attacking-athletes-twitter/