An Army National Guard private was berated by a racist road-raging Florida man after he reportedly followed her for several blocks.

Geminia Aimable, 19, says she was wearing her uniform when a man stalked her vehicle, then berated her with racial slurs.

“In my 19 years of living… I have never been called a ni**er. To my face at least,” she wrote on Facebook. “Yet today, in my uniform, a man cut me off. Just to then later FOLLOW me.”

“I took all these crazy streets to shake him off. I get to a red light to get to my destination and out of nowhere. He comes banging on my window cursing me out… and proceeding to call me a ni**er. Told me to never forget that I am nothing but a ni**er and that us ni**ers do not deserve to serve this very country and to take off my uniform and to kill myself.”

“I cannot believe that he said that to me. Not like I provoked him. He told me it pisses him off that we as African Americans are allowed to be in the military.”


“I have nothing against Caucasian’s. My aunt and uncles and cousins are white. To me we all bleed the same. But it’s so sad that racism is still so very prominent & that people genuinely hate anyone that’s not the same color as them.. this man really made me realize a lot today and first handedly realize that racism just doesn’t seem to go away. Yet I raised my hand to defend all (even if I’m not infantry) I still sacrificed. Unfortunately I also vowed to protect racist assholes also.”