BREAKING: Top Democrat Richard Blumenthal Just Hit Trump With A Knockout Punch For The Ages


It seems like it’s only a matter of time before the last piece of the impeachment puzzle is in place. With each day, Americans are waking up to learn about another top Trump official who lied about ties to the Russians during the Mueller investigation. And, though they tried to sneak their way out of this without anyone catching on – the evidence has always come back to bite them in the a**.

Recently, Trump’s Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross was revealed to have not disclosed many important financial ties that he has to, not only Russia, but Vladimir Putin’s family! And the Democrats in Congress aren’t going to just let this fall by the wayside.

Senator Richard Blumenthal, in particular, was quite vocal about his desire for there to be a full-on investigation into Ross’ dealings with Russia. In an official statement, he said, “Why do so many Trump associates have such trouble disclosing relationships with Russia? In concealing an ongoing financial relationship w/ Russian oligarchs, Sec. Ross misled me, Senate Commerce Committee & the American people.”

Blumenthal continued in a series of tweets, saying, “Inexcusable and intolerable. Americans are owed answers on this Cabinet’s troubling failure to disclose links to Russian interests.” Adding, “With Wilbur Ross revelations, question must be asked – whose interests come first in this Administration? Only after a thorough investigation can Americans be sure Secretary Ross really has their best interests at heart.”

He’s absolutely right. The American people deserve an investigation into this matter – and all things Trump/Russia related. There’s so much already piling up, we can only continue to wait patiently until Robert Mueller and his investigative team finally bring the hammer down on dumb ol’ Donny Boy.

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