Woman finds IKEA bags stuffed with the remains of 80 people


We have all heard IKEA jokes since the famous Swedish store first appeared on British high streets and shopping malls, how you can find your way in to the store, but have to go round in ever decreasing circles to get out, but what would you expect to find in a stash of big blue IKEA bags?

While on a visit at the  Kläckeberga church in Sweden, an erotic author who was researching places for her newest book stumbled across a stash of IKEA bags in the church and when she opened them she was in for a rather odd surprise. Naturally Kicki Karlén had been hoping for a treasure trove of wonderful half finished flat packed items, but instead was greeted with the sight of the skulls and bones of nearly 80 people.

Not amused by her odd find, she spoke to fellow parishioners and found out that they had been stored in the church since 2009. The truth about the skeleton remains came to light that an archaeologist involved in a dig to install a wheelchiar access ramp at the church, failed to rebury them. The burial was delayed and so the bags were stored in the church and presumably forgotten about for five years! Unfortunately, unlike IKEA, there were no instructions for putting the skeletons back together.

Source: http://www.shockingtimes.co.uk