Trump Abruptly Shuts Down Dogs for Wounded Warriors Program, Leaving Vets High and Dry on Veteran’s Day!


Trump sure is doing a great job of honoring veterans on Veterans Day. In an interview with reporters aboard Air Force One, he ridiculed U.S. intel leaders and sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This week, the useful Warrior Canine Connection program received a shocking letter at the program’s office in the Washington D.C. area. The letter instructed personnel to leave their posts immediately and shut down the program for vets.

They have since closed their offices at Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia and on the campus of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington.

Warrior Canine Connection Executive Director Rick Yount stated:

“At two o’clock in the afternoon, I received a phone call saying there was a stop work order. There was no explanation whatsoever as to why that was the decision.”

He asked, “Why would — all of the sudden — a program be halted that was serving patients?”

Yount added that he “heard absolutely nothing” about any problems with the program. His contract wasn’t set to expire until 2019.

He reminded Trump officials, “There’s no question that this program saves lives.”

Wounded veterans don’t only depend on service dogs for physical needs; the dogs also provide a therapeutic effect for PTSD symptoms.

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