Did You Catch Tina Fey’s Standing Rock Shoutout on SNL?


Saturday Night Live, not one to shy away from politics and current events, brought in Tina Fey to talk about Charlottesville, Virginia on their popular Weekend Update segment.

Tina Fey’s segment starts at 0:40 in. About 3:00 in is when she starts talking about Natives and Standing Rock!

“It’s not our country. We stole it. We stole it from the Native Americans, and when they have a peaceful protest at Standing Rock we shoot at them with rubber bullets, but we let you chinless turds march the streets with semi-automatic weapons.”


And it’s not the first time people have talked about the hypocrisy of peaceful protesters at Standing Rock versus what happened at Charlottesville.

Check out these two memes that were floating around this past week:

Standing Rock has come up on SNL before. Back with Kristen Wiig was hosting the show last year, she wore a shirt in support of the cause.

So thank you to those that are still talking about Standing Rock!

Source: powwows