JUST IN: Outrage After Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Paul Ryan On Twitter — Conservatives Are Going Nuts!


House Speaker Paul Ryan hasn’t made a lot of friends during his tenure in the United States government. To be honest, very few members of the GOP have left positive marks on society. If anything, they are the main creators of chaos and destruction amongst our beloved citizens. They’re greedy, careless sycophants who will do anything they can to please their orange-skinned overlord. It truly is disgusting to watch.

This week, like many of his constituents have already done in the face of Donald Trump’s inept leadership, rumors began to swirl around Capitol Hill of Paul Ryan’s potential retirement from politics. A source very close to the Republican lawmaker said, “There is certainly a school of thought that says ‘leave on a high note.’ And passage of tax reform would be a high note for a guy that’s spent 18 years in Congress working on it.”

When Ryan was reached for comment, he said that he didn’t plan to retire, but he did leave the door open for speculation, adding that he may need to do some “soul searching” on the matter. Well, once he heard this, funny man, Jimmy Kimmel jumped all over it.

HA! Well played, Jimmy. And he’s right! The American people can do nothing but agree with this slight jab at the high-ranking Republican lawmaker. They always say there’s a little truth in comedy, right? And, let’s just say, the citizens of this country have been skeptical of this man’s “soul” (or lack thereof) for quite some time now. Jimmy’s just man enough to bring attention to it.

Whatever Paul Ryan decides to do is redundant to most Americans. All we care about at this point is Donald Trump – and his inevitable departure from the White House.

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Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/12/14/politics/paul-ryan-future/index.html