‘You’re All Illegal!’ Native American Disrupts an Anti-Immigrant Rally


“We didn’t invite none of you!” the Native American man said, confronting a crowd of anti-immigration protestors. “We’re the only legal ones here!”

Check out the video shared by Indian Country Today Media Network.

It was probably the last thing this group of protestors assembled in Tucson, Arizona expected.

The man, who was passing by with a child in a stroller, took a stand against the hypocrisy of non-indigenous Americans complaining about undocumented immigrants.

“Get on with your bogus arguments!” he said.

If anyone has a right to complain about undocumented immigrants in this country, it’s Native Americans, and yet they are usually first in line to defend Latinos subjected to discrimination from the right.

Latinos and Native Americans do, after all, have a lot in common, especially those of us with indigenous roots. We were tribes once too.

America exists as it does today because of undocumented immigrants. There were people living here before, and they were rounded up and removed from their homes.

When we acknowledge that, the hypocrisy of conservatives ranting and raving about undocumented immigrants becomes painfully apparent.

Native Americans continue to be silenced in this country. It wasn’t until President Obama took office that the tribes were given a real voice in the first official Tribal Nations Conference.

We should be working to amplify their voices. We should be listening – especially on issues like immigration.

The man who disrupted this rally is not alone in his views. The truth may be unpleasant, but if we want the United States to be a fair, just nation, we must always be willing to hear it.

“That represents blood spilled by Native Americans,” the man said, pointing to the American flag.


Source: http://archives.bluenationreview.com/youre-illegal-native-american-disrupts-anti-immigrant-rally/