Trump Doesn’t Know How To Respond After Ellen Totally DESTROYS Donald On Air


During Wednesday’s broadcast of her popular talk show, host Ellen DeGeneres mocked President Trump by airing her own State of the Union address, promoting a message of inclusiveness and love. The comedian joked that she had missed Trump’s State of the Union address because she “had a thing” so as “President” of her show, she would give her own.

DeGeneres, joined by her executive producer Andy Lassner and DJ Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, told the audience, “I’d like to say that the state of my union is strong because this show is all about love and inclusiveness.”

She joked that unemployment is at an all-time low because “I’ve never had so many jobs in my life,” referring to how she hosts the prime-time show ‘Game of Games,’ and also runs a lifestyle brand and production company. She also added, “And I’m, on the weekends, a Lyft driver. Please give me five stars.”

“I will continue to serve this great nation to the best of my comedic ability, till death do us part, amen,” DeGeneres added to the applause of her audience.

As a frequent critic of Trump, DeGeneres has said in the past that she would not schedule Trump as a guest on her show. Much to Trump’s dismay, DeGeneres is very close with the Obama’s and hosted Michelle Obama on her show this week, who gave a message of hope for Americans frightened by the current political situation.

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